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A small flat and forested land in mainland southeast Asia. Bordering Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

181,035 sq km

Population :

Phnom Penh

Khmer, French, English

Theravada Buddhist

TIme GMT: +6 hours

Currency: Riel



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Cycling in Cambodia & Vietnam

Cambodia is very flat and very hot. It is still my favourite place to visit. The people are very reserved but so welcoming. The food is spicy and a delight for fish lovers. A must is a thirst quenching roadside sugar cane drink that is a real natural energy boost for the road when cycling arrowbluemore
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Duration & Dates
16 days
November - December 2005

Varied accommodation from Hotels to Guest houses with variable quality..

Cycling Style :
Approx 40 - 70km, primarily on tarmac roads. Some roads are a little rough.

What’s included:
Return flight from the UK to Ho Chi Minh. All listed events

Tour Highlights
Siem Reap - Angkor Wat
Boat trip to isolated Island

Cycling details
Traffic: Very considerate drivers
Bike Shops: On the road repairs
Terrain: Good Roads otherwise mud tracks.

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